Spicy Food Menu In North Bali

There are some spicy food menu that you must try if holiday to bali. This food menu has a taste of typical Balinese appetite. Here’s the review.

1. Spicy and Betutu Kendutu etutu
Variations of various processed betutu. Each region generally has a distinctive betutu cooking characteristics. So it is with North Bali.

Puspaka said North Bali has a more spicy characteristic of betutu than other regions. Chili mixed in processed more dominates than other spices.

In addition, North Bali has processed betutu kendil. Same with gudeg kendil in Yogyakarta, betutu kendil usually packed for souvenirs. Because revealed in a container made of clay, betutu hold up to 3 days.

Betutu kendil can be found in a number of home-based restaurants in Singaraja, Buleleng.

2. Sate Plecing

Like most satay in Bali, sate plecing made from chicken or pork meat stabbed using bamboo pieces. Only, the difference, spice plecing more spicy.

Before burning, sate plecing dilumuri first with red chili. Once cooked, red chili sauce was poured back into the meat.

Red plecing sauce is not only derived from chili, but also tomatoes. The dominance of sour and spicy flavors is what reinforces the characteristic of plecing cuisine.

Sate plecing mostly found in Singaraja area. Along the road to the sights, there are sellers who generally open semi-permanent stalls to peddle the typical food.

3. Lawar Kuwir

Singaraja typical vegetables is indeed mandatory in the rice menu mix. The main complement is the chunks of long beans, young jackfruit, and meat.

Lawar kuwir classified as halal food. Unlike lawar in general who has a mixture of blood and pork, lawar kuwir actually made of meat entog or stuck. The vegetable is also free from a mixture of animal blood.

Lawar kuwir is famous as a complementary food that can increase appetite. Because, it feels spicy.

Spicy comes from cayenne pepper cut into small pieces. Lawar kuwir certainly complement the typical North Balinese snacks that can be found in roadside food stalls.

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