the town of blitar full of starfruit

Blitar city has agro tourism in the middle of the city. His name is Kampung Belimbing. Located in Kelurahan Karangsari, Sukorejo District, this tourist destination is suitable for people who want to feel the sensation of picking Belimbing directly from the tree. Head of Kelurahan Karangsari, Fredy Hermawan said in addition to infrastructure facilities offered tourism village Belimbing Karangsari, it also continues to develop the type of star fruit plants. Fredi confessed that starfruit in Karangsari was of a special quality. buah belimbing“In contrast to Belimbing in general, Belimbing Karangsari has a special feature in terms of size, color and of course taste, we are trying to keep developing new types,” explained Fredy Hermawan in Kampung Belimbing, Thursday (5/10/2017). Currently the type of belimbing which is widely grown is the type of bangkok, the result of stekan between the local species with bangkok type. There is also a kind of philipine also tried to be cultivated. Kampung Belimbing in the middle of Blitar City / Kampung Belimbing in the middle of Blitar City. In addition to starfruit tours, Karangsari starfruit also offers a variety of foods and beverages processed star fruit that can be enjoyed by visitors. Among candied belimbing, star fruit juice and crackers. “Here too many SMEs that produce various kinds of processed starfruit, because in addition to being eaten directly, the famous belimbing fruit has a variety of kasiat for health can also be processed into other foods,” he said. In an area of 5 hectares, you will enjoy the green of the trees and the fruit rulum fruit starfruit that bear fruit every time. Not only that, but the star fruit tree can be found in every home residents in Karangsari. “The village of Karangsari deserves to be dubbed as Kampung Belimbing, because almost every house in Karangsari Village has Belimbing Garden, if it is totaled all plus the star belimbing with the width of 5 hectares is wide to 25 hectares,” explained Vice Mayor of Blitar, Santoso met in his office Jalan Merdeka Kota Blitar. Blimbing Blimbing Blitar / Blitar Blossom Village.

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