What is BSH?. Complete explanation of Body Slim Herbal in Indonesia


Body Slim Herbal is a body slimming supplement that has been famous and trusted properties,  Original body slim herbal designed specifically to suppress the appetite, speed up the body’s metabolism, detoxify toxins in the body, burn fat especially in the thighs, arms and abdomen.

Body Slim Herbal or (BSH) made from natural ingredients that have passed the clinical test have shown that this product is safe to eat and does not cause side effects that are harmful to the body, and already registered in BPOM: TR173303331. When consumed regularly and regularly in a month will lose weight on average 5-15 pounds, without having to be required to exercise.

The Original BSH has sold hundreds of thousands throughout Asia, and on average they are very satisfied with the results. And do not use other products for their body slimming. Its products consist of BSH capsule and tea BSH, when used simultaneously, then the result can be optimal.


  1. Registered at BPOM Indonesia: TR173303331.
  2. MUI Halal Certification: 01131180751060.
  3. Passed GMP standard, International standards that guarantee testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics, food, pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
  4. Passed ISO 9001 Standard, is an international standard in the field of quality management system. Institutions or organizations that have received the accreditation (recognition from an independent other party) of the ISO. And has met the International requirements in terms of quality assurance management products or services it produces.
  5. Accredited UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), UKAS Accreditation is the key to ensuring that consumers, suppliers, buyers and specifiers can have confidence in the quality of the goods.
  6. Faster down and more restrained appetite than other products.
  7. Besides the main benefits for slimming the body, nutritious also to maintain health and beauty.
  8. Equipped sticker code for the authenticity of each BSH product


  1. Withstand appetite
  2. Slimming and losing weight
  3. Multi-lipolytic factors reduce lipid synthesis, accelerate fat burning, inhibit the absorption of fat and weight control effectively
  4. Helps shape the ideal body
  5. Multi-nutrients improve metabolism, free from diarrhea, constipation and rebound
  6. Helps remove toxins from the body through urine and sweat
  7. Without diarrhea, without being required to exercise heavily and without rebounding


  1. Zingiber Purpurei Rhizoma 250 mg: or Bangle another name better known, one of the spices commonly used as a spice kitchen and treatment ingredients. Bangle is also commonly used to shrink the stomach after childbirth and overcome obesity.
  2. Guazuma Ulmifolia Folium 150 mg: or Dutch Teak is already well known and trusted as a medicinal plant. Traditionally, Dutch teak leaves efficacious as a body slimming drug and lower body fat levels. The seeds can be used as an abdominal pain medication, slimming herbs that are safe and bloated, and the fruit can be used as a cough medicine.
  3. Camellia Sinensis Folium 100 mg: black tea plant that is useful for beauty. Astringent content in it has many benefits for health and beauty. Starting from helping to protect the immune system, reducing the risk of cancer, helping to overcome dark circles in the eyes and acne, keep the lip moisture to black hair.

How to use

  1. 1 bottle containing 30 capsules @ 500mg
  2. Taken 2 x daily @ 1 capsule every morning before or after breakfast and at night before bed, with warm water or plain water
  3. Do not consume more than is recommended (for patients with heartburn is recommended to drink half an hour after breakfast)
  4. Safe for consumption between the ages of 18-60 years
  5. Avoid ordinary tea, coffee, milk, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as it neutralizes the effects of drugs and reduces product effectiveness
  6. When sick, the use of the Original Herbal Slim Body stopped until healed first
  7. When menstruating, the use of BSH is suspended
  8. Expand consumption or drink water and fruit to facilitate the body’s metabolic system and improve the work of this supplement

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