Wow Apparently Food Takjil Could Be Culinary Archipelago

Hunting takjil become the activities undertaken by most people while waiting for the coming time to break. Sweet dishes such as kolak, fruit ice, or dates, are the favorite takjil menu. Although takjil has become a familiar vocabulary during the month of Ramadan, but many people do not know where this word came from.

Fadli Rahman, author of the book Traces of Nusantara History of Indonesian Food, explains if the term is derived from Arabic. The word takjil actually does not refer to nouns, like food. In Arabic, takjil has the meaning of “hastening”. The intention of hastening is certainly hastened to break the fast when the time comes.

Why is Kolak Identical with Ramadan? “This takjil is adopted from the Arabic meaningful hasten, in which by the Indonesian people are identified as the appetizers when fasting,” said Fadli moment. On the other hand, takjil in the month of Ramadan can be the arena of the existence of typical food of the archipelago, for example ijo banana ice or kolak.

So, this could be the arena of the revival of culinary archipelago, According to him, can not be denied if this term there is the influence of Arab culture that is well received by the tongue and fasting tradition of Indonesian society. “This shows the harmony between Arab culture, as one of the channels of entry of Islam into the archipelago, with Indonesian culture.

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